The Information stored on Computers can be essential to the continued existence of many businesses. The role of the Computer is often underestimated and expected reliability causes complacency amongst computer users. It is only when something goes wrong that the dependency we have on our IT becomes apparent.

Computer Security takes many forms, not only the physical security of the hardware, but the data it contains. Data Loss or Data Theft can be more devastating than the few hundred pounds it costs to replace the hardware. If your competitors had access to your information or all your data was wiped out by a computer virus, it could possibly put you out of business.

Onne Limited can provide a full Security Evaluation of your IT Systems, including Disaster Recovery Planning and Intrusion Prevention from the Internet. One of our Support Contracts can provide Remote Monitoring and Administration of essential services to ensure your system is secure and all backup procedures are carried out correctly.

If any of these services are of interest to you, we would welcome the opportunity to arrange a meeting to discuss these further.