Onne Limited

Providing PC support in and around the Manchester area, with offices close to the M60 in Tameside, Manchester. We offer straight forward, no nonsense, computer support for any IT related problems, big or small to businesses in and around Greater Manchester.


We offer simple solutions to tackle complex problems, with Honest and Helpful advice. We won’t try to sell you things you do not need, or make mountains out of mole hills.

We specialise in low cost Support Contracts that provide Telephone Support and Remote Access to your PC’s.

We have found that this approach can resolve over 90% of problems without a visit to your office.

On the rare occasions where a site visit is required we offer Realistic Call Out Charges which are reduced for all our contract customers.

Simplifiers, Not Complicators

Best of all, Onne does its level-best to keep things simple — not complicated.
Rather than deliver bloatware that promises to 'revolutionise your business' if you buy into new IT support models, we believe in simplifying the IT support business.

We do that by keeping systems easy and affordable.

We even offer a free no obligation thirty day trial of our Daily Health Check service.

If you do not see the benefits in 30 days you can walk away at absolutely no cost.

Contact us via the Contact page or alternatively email or telephone